Our main course menu is divided in three sections:
North India, South India and Tandoor.

North India

You will find lots of breads and curries in the North. The dishes are prepared with creamy sauces and a variety of meat is used. Spices like garam masala are predominant, but not as spicy as the ones in the South.

Butter Chicken - €19,50

The all time favourite: boneless tandoor chicken curry prepared in a mild creamy sauce of tomatoes, cream and fresh herbs

Tikka Masala Chicken/Lamb - €19,50

Curry with chicken or lamb grilled in the tandoor, prepared with paprika and red pepper for a spicy touch

Paneer Makhani (V) - €19,50

Homemade Indian cheese prepared in a mild creamy sauce of tomatoes, butter and fresh herbs

Rajma Masala (V) - €15,50

Slightly spiced, creamy curry made with kidney beans and an onion and tomato-masala

Aloo Baingan (V) - €15,50

Tasteful eggplant and potato curry, seasoned with cumin, coriander, chili and turmeric. Want to spice up your life, definitely try this one

Lamb Rogan Josh - €19,50

Curry of lamb cooked in tomatoes, yoghurt and our unique blend of spices. The yoghurt gives its refreshness you’ll need

Biryani Chicken/Lamb/King Prawn/Vegetarian - €19,50

Seasoned basmati rice with nuts, spices and vegetables on the side. Served with chicken, lamb, king prawns or as a vegatarian dish

Paneer Kofta (V) - €18,50

Fried Indian cheese dumplings served in a curry with tomatoes, onions and cashew nuts

Korma (V) / Chicken Korma - €17,50

Mixed vegetables or chicken, cooked in mild herbs, coconut cream, nuts and sweet raisins

Lamb/Chicken Jalfrezi - €19,50

Delightfull curry with tender juicy chunks of chicken/lamb in a spicy tomato sauce with stir-fried paprika and onion

Saag Paneer - 15,50

Homemade Indian cheese and spinach cooked with cream and fragrant spices

Channa Masala - 15,50

A traditional, medium spicy curry with chickpeas, tomatoes and garam masala

South India

South Indian cooking is based on rice, lentils, and seafood. A lot of the dishes are prepared with coconut milk or oils for the rice to soak up. In general, the dishes are spicier than the North.

Madras Chicken/King Prawn - €19,50

Spicy and very traditional curry with tomatoes and Indian spices served with chicken or king prawns

Vindaloo Chicken/King Prawn - €19,50

Very spicy curry served with chicken or king prawns and with paprika, potatoes, red chili and Indian spices. For the real daredevil!

Kerala Prawns - €19,50

Slightly spicy prawn curry prepared with coconut milk, tomatoes and red chili


Tandoori is a method of cooking. The tandoor (an original clay oven) is used for making our breads, but is also used for preparing dishes over an intense charcoal fire. Marinated meats, seafood and vegetables are lowered into the oven on long metal skewers and cooked in this smoky and extremely hot ‘pit’ until they are grilled to perfection. The tandoori dishes are served with basmati rice and aloo mutter.

Tandoor Chicken Tikka - €16,50

Fiery chicken breast marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices, grilled in the tandoor

Tandoor Seafood - €19,50

A flavourful mix of salmon and king prawns marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices, grilled in the tandoor

Tandoor Paneer Tikka (V) - €18,50

Homemade Indian cheese marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices, grilled in the tandoor

Tandoor Mixed Grill - €19,50

Mix of tandoor grilled chicken, lamb chops, king prawns, lamb and chicken kebab. Perfect if you can’t choose

Tandoori Lamb Chops - €18,50

Juicy, Indian spiced large lamb chops. Served on a sizzling hot plate!

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